About Compu-Pay Limited

Compu-Pay Limited has been providing outsourced payroll services since 1995.
With our experience we can provide a comprehensive range of Professional Payroll Services for Individuals, Companies & Organisations throughout Ireland and the UK.
At Compu-Pay our aim is to provide a high quality service that meets the needs of each individual client, catering for all sizes large and small. Our range of experience and skilled staff will deliver a professional payroll service tailored specifically to meet individual company requirements.


Payrol Services

Payrol Services

Payroll tax can be costly. As professionals we understand complicated tax laws and regulations as well as how to avoid penalties and reduce the risks of audits.
We are affordable, flexible and have the knowledge necessary to maximize your returns.

UK Payroll Services

UK Payroll Services

As a UK Payroll Bureau Payroll Service we will tailor a solution to suit you with a complete outsourced service giving all the benefits of a payroll department without any of the overheads or responsibility.
Our UK Payroll Bureau services team will undertake the following processes for you

HR Services

HR Services

Employment law is a complex topic. Handled incorrectly it can result in legal battles that have the potential to financially cripple your company, while ruining its good reputation.
Handled well, it can attract the very best talent to your door and motivate staff to work their hardest for your business.